26 May 2024

Life at Inimco

Why Inimco is such a great place to work

Working at Inimco is more than a job. It’s about becoming part of a family, that helps you grow as a person and as a professional. It’s finding a place where you can get a good work-life balance. It’s working with the latest and greatest technology that helps Inimco deliver a best fit solution to its customers. It’s being able to be who you are, whatever your background or cultural and religious beliefs. That makes Inimco a great place to work for both young graduates to start their career, and for experienced professionals to give their career a timely boost.

There are many good reasons to work for Inimco, but let’s focus on the seven most important ones.

1. A place to learn and grow

If you are interested in IT, then you are eager to keep learning, extending your technology horizon and keeping up with anything that’s new. At Inimco, you get ample opportunity to learn and expand your knowledge. Not only will you learn from colleagues who are eager to share their know-how with you, you will also get your personal education budget for at least 6 days of training. What courses you take is something you decide together with your team lead. We also encourage you to study and take certification exams for the technologies that you are working with. What’s more, there are plenty of opportunities at Inimco to advance your career. We welcome any initiative. As soon as you feel ready to take the next step inside Inimco and move on to another role, discuss it with your Domain Lead and we will decide on your next move.

2. You will work with hot new technologies

The Internet of Things (IoT) is one of the hottest areas of growth in the tech industry, and so is cloud technology. Cloud and IoT are at the heart of what we do at Inimco, helping our customers connect their production environments, collect and visualize their data and make informed decisions on that data. We work closely with one of the top vendors in IoT and cloud, Microsoft. Having this close relationship with them, offers us an insight into product roadmaps and market trends. 

3. Happy  customers make for happy employees

If you are happy, our customers will be happy. But if our customers are happy, you will be happy too. With top-tier customers such as AkzoNobel, Picanol, AquaSecurity and Tomra, we work with leaders in their respective markets who know what difference technology can make to their business. We work for companies active in manufacturing, the process and chemical industries and for machine and equipment builders, who want to perform cloud-based data analysis on a large installed base, who want to optimize their OEE and energy consumption at scale, want to provide data-driven services to their end customers and who want to adopt lean manufacturing on the production floor. We offer them fast ROI, and let them start small and scale fast, thanks to our modular way of working. By working with us, they avoid vendor lock-in and our Facts platform avoids long development cycles. We accelerate their digital journey at scale by providing a proven, best-fit digital solution to them. You’ll have to admit: being part of a team that enables this for customers – that will make you happy.

4. Enjoy the perfect work-life balance

Work is important, but your private life is important to us too. That’s why Inimco goes to great lengths when it comes to ensuring you have a good balance between work and life. You don’t have to come to our great offices (see below) every day, we know that not having to travel and being in their home office gives our people peace of mind. By applying a 40-hour work week, we can also offer you an additional 12 days of vacation per year, so you can take a break from time to time to recharge your batteries. And we are very flexible when it comes to taking care of a sick child or partner, or making a doctor’s appointment. ‘Flexibility is a two-way street’ is our motto. We ask flexibility of you, but we give a lot of flexibility in return. 

5. A warm, welcoming atmosphere – for everyone

If you have read our blog series ‘A day in the life’, you will have noticed that we always ask the same question: would you recommend working at Inimco to family and friends? And you will also have noticed that the same answers keep coming back: because Inimco is such a warm environment, where everyone is friendly towards each other and always ready to help out. From the first day at Inimco, our new colleagues are adopted as a new member of the family. To learn more about how the onboarding process at Inimco sets new employees off to a flying start, read our blog on onboarding. And we keep everyone engaged by organizing regular events, like a quiz, a Christmas party and sometimes even a weekend away with the team.

At Inimco, diversity is not a check-box item. You will find people from different ages, different backgrounds, different nationalities, and different religions. Just think about this: when one of our new recruits told us he wants to pray regularly because he is a Muslim, we set up a separate room where he can withdraw to pray. 

6. Work in new, modern offices

As we mentioned already, you don’t have to come to the office every day. But on the days that you are here, you will notice what a great office space we have in Temse. Comfortable chairs, adjustable tables that come with wireless keyboard and mouse and an extra screen, stand-up areas, enough meeting rooms (do you know any other company that has enough meeting rooms?), a nice kitchen area…. Because we are a big family, we have lunch together in that kitchen, and people take turns in ordering sandwiches from one of the local caterers. The office has been arranged with lots of plants and wooden panels, so it all has a natural vibe to it. 

7. No stress about financials

Inimco is a fast-growing scale-up, but without the financial stress that characterizes many other scale-ups that stumble from one funding round to another to make ends meet. Since a couple of years, Inimco is part of a larger organization, Process Automation Solution which, in turn, is part of the ATS Corporation. This provides us with financial stability, while still keeping the independence that a scale-up needs to grow in its market.

These are only seven reasons why Inimco is a great place to either start your career or put your career in a higher gear. But, in fact, there are many more good reasons for joining us. Our transparent policy when it comes to wages, for instance, and our ‘cafeteria plan’ for instance, that offers a lot of flexibility to adjust a range of benefits to suit an employee’s specific needs. Or our car policy that allows people to choose the car that best fits their personal or family situation. We could go on listing the benefits, but the best way to discover why should you come to work with, is simple: apply for one of the job vacancies on our job site.