18 Dec 2023

Life at Inimco

Inimco’s take on new-hire onboarding

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.” That saying holds especially true when it comes to the impression a company makes on new employees in their first day at work. Making people feel at home from Day One is not only beneficial for the company that is onboarding, it also gives the new recruits a kickstart to prove their value to the organization they are joining. That’s why Inimco puts a lot of effort into welcoming new hires and immediately embeds them into their new teams.

At Inimco, we see your first week with us as an opportunity to get acquainted with your close colleagues, your coach and your manager and to get a grip on our products and services. Of course, we also take care of all the legal and other paperwork, so you have no worries about that in the future. Where necessary, we also build in the time to study for certifications that are needed to do your specific job.

On your first day at Inimco, you will meet everyone that you will be working with on a regular basis. One of the fixed items on the first day is a collective lunch with the team, paid for by Inimco. Other items on the first day include an in-depth meeting with your coach and your Inimco ‘godfather’ to tell you the ins and outs of the company and provide all the time you need to ask questions – and get answers. This godfather will be at your side during your entire career at Inimco. Besides helping you with technical, HR and personal matters, (s)he is your sounding board and confidant for any issues you may encounter.

Needless to say, we also ensure that you are fully equipped on your first day to get productive: your laptop will be set up with all necessary software and we will show you the importance of all our internal tools.

In the next few days, you will have plenty of time to get hands-on experience with the Inimco products and services that you will be working with or providing support for. More team lunches build a strong bond between you and your teammates. And, at the end of the week, your coach and project manager help you organize your agenda for the coming week.

It goes without saying that the company keeps guiding you throughout your career at Inimco. You get ample time to study and stay fully trained for your job. After all, we work at the cutting edge of technology, and that requires constant learning. And, of course, your buddy remains at your side for any question you encounter during your career at Inimco.

With our structured onboarding, we get new colleagues off to a flying start, to our mutual benefit.