Expertise from factory connectivity to data engineering and cloud platforms

Inimco is commited to having the right expertise in OT, IT and IoT.  We know what it takes to connect with machine and factory data and how to build fully integrated, IoT-based solutions.  We aim to help customers build digital platforms and services, improve efficiency and engage with their end-customers. We are also Microsoft Gold partner for Cloud Platform, Data Analytics and Application development, ThingWorx partner and Corporate Member of the OPC Foundation.

Inimco helps you to turn your challenges into production-ready solutions

Together with you, we find the best way to resolve your business and technical challenges.  The technical roadmap is turned into a production ready solution by a multi-disciplinary team in an Agile way. On top of implementation and development, Inimco delivers rollout support and Managed Services to keep you going once in production.

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IoT & Edge computing

Edge and OT->IT gateways, connecting with industrial installation data, 
data processing at the edge and secure communication with cloud platforms.

Data Engineering

Data modelling, data services & processing pipelines, Data Warehousing and Big Data implementation and performance troubleshooting

Business Intelligence

Tell the right story with your data, real-time and aggregated reporting in PowerBi, Tableau, Qlikview leveraging Data Analytics solutions on MS Azure.

Cloud Integration

Building and deploying modern, integrated applications on MS Azure, API and UI development, deployment pipelines and automated provisioning of services.