IoT based solutions for the industry

Inimco’s solutions enable manufacturing companies, machine builders and industrial equipment builders to gain insights into their machine and productivity data, improve operational efficiency and engage with customers without the burden of building everything from scratch.

Remote Monitoring for industrial installations

  • Gain real-time insights from industrial installations, machines and production lines, non-intrusively
  • Connect with both legacy and new equipment
  • Insights into process, telemetry and productivity data in the cloud
  • Real-time data aggregation and enrichment per asset, production line, plant, remote installation, or customer
  • Integrate with O365 and PowerBi or other reporting solutions
Remote Monitoring

Operational Efficiency

  • Optimize production processes and operational efficiency by monitoring and analyzing productivity data
  • Production unit status, quantities and process parameters are monitored in real-time
  • Operator input is captured through an operator dashboard
  • Data is centralized, enriched with ERP data (eg. production order information) and aggregated on unit, cell, area, site and company level
  • Manage master data for site context, OEE parameters and other KPIs
  • OEE calculations following industrial standards
  • Detailed reporting and in-depth Root Cause Analysis within or across all your sites
Operational Efficiency

Engaging with customers

  • Provide dashboards and data driven services to your customers
  • Provide an interactive customer portal with real-time and aggregated data - such as machine status and telemetry, service information and productivity reports
  • Connect with your customers’ environment through secure API’s - leveraging an API economy
  • Manage the customer experience through features and editions
  • Track how customers are using your machines and installations
  • Allow interaction with your internal data through a secure abstraction layer
Engaging with customers

Industrial IoT accelerator based on Inimco.facts

  • Accelerate your ROI, leverage the scalability and security of MS Azure
  • Avoid trial-and-error projects and accelerate with our framework
  • Out-of-the-box functionality offering a SaaS-experience
  • Ready to use modules that connect with your OT and IT environment
  • Best-practice architecture on MS Azure and PTC Thingworx
  • Leverage security and scalability of proven technology on MS Azure
  • Software subscription model to stay updated
Industrial IoT Accelerator