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Inimco’s solutions enable manufacturing companies, machine builders and industrial equipment builders to gain insights into their machine and productivity data, improve operational efficiency, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions, and offer data-driven services to customers. By using Inimco’s modular platform, customers can start small, get Return on Investment fast and scale quickly,  without the burden of building everything from scratch.

Inimco’s Facts software suite consists of three main products: Inimco.Facts Core, Inimco.Facts Lean Manufacturing and Inimco.Facts Energy. To unburden you before, during and after your Facts projects, we offer a broad set of architecture and implementation services, plus managed services to ensure you continue to get the most out of your implementation.

Inimco.Facts Core

Facts Core is our platform for seamless low-/no-code data integration, template-driven data uniformization and single source of truth for stored OT data, providing a connectivity layer, data standardization & contextualization, rules engine, data historian, data visualization, monitoring & alerting, visualization and data access of your telemetry and master data.

The goal of the solution is to lower the amount of device and infrastructure management in a scalable manner.

Inimco.Facts Core

Key features of Inimco.Facts Core

  • Connect to OT (Operational Technology) data: Inimco.Facts brings together data that are not yet connected: from PLCs, devices, SCADA/MES… Azure IoT Edge containers allow you to connect with a multitude of OT data sources, such as OPC UA, Modbus, SQL, files, APIs, LoraWan, IOLink…
  • Device management: Simplify your incoming data streams by easily setting up your gateway devices. Quickly deploy edge modules allowing you to connect your on-premises data towards the cloud.
  • Data mapping: Map your data from your gateway devices to your digital twins. A simple programmable interface allows you to filter, map and in/exclude data.
  • Asset templating: Create asset templates to allow for quick deployment of hundreds of new assets. This will allow your team to define the capabilities, units of measurements, data types, mappings,... specific to the asset type.
  • Rules & calculations: Making calculations and sending events based on the incoming data streams is crucial for a modern IoT solution. An Excel-based interface allows everyone with Excel knowledge to work with the IoT data streams.
  • Realtime & historical data: Analyze both real-time latest state information and historical data of multiple assets on the same dashboard with easy-to-use widgets.
  • Build your own dashboards: Build multiple dashboards in a graphical, no-code way.
  • Organization structure: Create the organizational structure that represents your factory setup, divisions, work area’s etc. in a flexible way and group assets and dashboards on different levels of the organization.
  • Visual alerting: Use conditional formatting rules, labels and colors to create visual alerting rules based on the incoming data that will immediately draw your attention in the dashboard, in real time.

Virtual Appliance Image

Rolling out a software solution across multiple factories and multiple sites is no mean feat. That’s why Inimco developed a Virtual Appliance Image (VAI). The VAI is a deployment-ready Virtual Machine that makes it easier and faster for the customer to deploy Linux-based IoT Edge Devices at scale.  Features of the VAI include:

  • Automated provisioning: The VAI requires a number of fields to be filled out and then completely self-installs and provisions itself to Inimco.Facts.
  • LTS support for Azure IoT Edge: The VAI is based on Ubuntu 22.4 which is the currently supported LTS version for Microsoft Azure IoT Edge.
  • Virtualization platform independent: The VAI comes in the form of an OVA file with an embedded OVF which includes the main setup properties.

Inimco.Facts Architecture

Inimco.Facts is architected in such a way that extra functionality and extra modules can easily be added, allowing you to extend the solution with any new use case you discover.

Inimco.Facts Core
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Inimco.Facts Lean Manufacturing

Key features of Inimco.Facts Lean Manufacturing

  • Multi-factory: Apply lean manufacturing standards, dashboards and templates across your factories and divisions. The application allows you to build and manage the user experience centrally, while giving the freedom to individual factories to extend their dashboards.
  • Customizable dashboards: Keep your employees aligned by defining dashboard templates on a tenant level that are extendible by the users on a per dashboard basis. Give them a standardized view which they can enrich with their own applications or data.
Inimco.Facts Lean Manufacturing
  • Data sources: Data sources allow you to gather data into the application such as manual input or data from other sources which can then be used to integrate within a dashboard.
  • Dashboard templating: Tens of widgets allow you and your users to create dashboards that are compelling and easy to use. Choose from simple table widgets to embeddable applications and bring every process in your organization into a central pane of glass.
  • Action management: Set up alerts and notifications when action criteria are met within your organization. The assigned group of users will be notified via mail or other channels regarding the status of the alert. Follow up on actions using the inbuilt PDCA module.
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Inimco.Facts Energy Management

Inimco.Facts Energy Management is a software module within Inimco.Facts that allows you to gain insights into your energy consumption and production by standardizing the data that comes in from your energy meters. This allows you to further optimize costs and your carbon footprint. Below is an overview of the key features of the solution (2023.09 release):

Inimco.Facts Energy Management

Key features of Inimco.Facts Energy Management

  • BAFA listed and ISO conform: Solution complies to the BAFA Module 3 requirements for funding in Germany and fulfills the required functionalities for DIN-EN-ISO-50001 conformity.
  • Multi-Factory & multi-lingual user interface: As part of the Inimco.Facts Core features, the system is natively multi-factory ready and includes multilingual user interfaces. Additional languages can be added on request.
  • Energy data visualizations: Gain insights into your energy production and usage with our standardized and customizable dashboards that plug-and-play on top of your energy meter data using built-in analytic charts.
  • Cost distribution and loss calculation: Thanks to a wide range of data connectors, existing systems can be used as data sources. Additionally data is accessible for other reporting or dashboarding solutions such as Power BI and Grafana.
  • Standardized data: The standardized data model that is used works on top of our other solutions allowing us to integrate and process the energy data easily into simple and efficient dashboards.
  • Energy data evaluation: Calculation of KPIs, mathematical quantities, temporal resolution of data over predefined or custom time intervals, cost determination and energy tariff input function.
  • Early warning mechanism: Define rules and threshold values to give visual warnings or automated generation of events that can be picked up by other solutions (such as e-mail generation, action management…).
  • Visual navigation: Provide users with efficient access to relevant data and seamless navigation within the organizational hierarchy, incorporating features like an interactive floor plan view, integrated map view, hierarchical drill-down, grid view for unmapped levels, and interactive legend and tree view.
  • Virtual meters: Create virtual meters using the Facts UI. Calculate virtual meter data based on other incoming data using the rule engine with Excel-style interface and formulas.
  • Integration with existing systems: Thanks to a wide range of data connectors, existing systems can be used as data sources. Additionally data is accessible for other reporting or dashboarding solutions such as Power BI and Grafana or can be integrated with Inimco.Facts Lean Manufacturing
  • Service connections with external services: Create service connections with external online services, such as weather services, to ingest additional metrics and data into the platform
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Managed Services

Inimco can help you throughout your IoT and Cloud projects, from whiteboarding the project through to keeping your implementation in shipshape with our managed services offering. Not every company has the skilled personnel to ensure you benefit from the latest technologies and features in Microsoft Azure or our own Facts products. By letting us handle the technical aspects, you can focus on developing your own business.

Managed Services

What we offer in managed services:

  • Cloud support services: SLA-based 2nd and 3rd line support to keep your end users and business moving 24/7. We offer these services for Facts and for custom development.
  • Platform support services: Technical proactive and reactive support services to manage the platform for you. We offer these services for Facts and for custom development.
  • Facts software support: Stay up to date with new software releases and product fixes.

Based on our experience at multiple customers, we have developed best practices that benefit all our projects, as you can read in this blog.

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