02 Nov 2020

Internet of Things

Moving Towards Machines-as-a-Service

As a machine builder, how can you create monthly revenue instead of the usual one-off income peaks? 

The traditional way is to build a machine and sell it. Usually, after the machines are delivered and invoiced, the responsibility ends – with a few possible after-sales bolt-ons. The client is happy with what they've got, and there's often not much left to do in terms of adding value.

But more and more manufacturers are moving towards servitization – moving to a product-as-a-service business model. In times when it's getting increasingly difficult to distinguish yourself based on your machines alone – manufacturers are starting to differentiate products and services – and creating lasting revenue opportunities as a result.

Increased Revenue And Customer Value

While products can be easily get copied, it’s much more difficult to copy services and data intelligence. But by extending your machine building operations and providing excellent services for your customers, you can deliver more value.

Adding more services moves you towards the lucrative servitization model, and by adding more services – such as enabling customers to monitor their machines remotely – you secure clients that want extended functionality on top of their machines, helping them reduce machine downtime and increase productivity.

The more your customers use your services, the more data you gather with machines – and the more intelligent services you can build on top of this. The possibilities are endless.

Package Your Machine Knowledge

Following the servitization model, machine builders can start packaging their knowledge using powerful algorithms, AI, and predictive services. This new approach sets them apart from their competition and is an excellent example of real differentiation.

But to get a head start on your servitization journey, you need connectivity and data. You need to connect to your customer's machines and have the ability to gather data from them.

Inimco provides you with the solution needed to collect and analayse data in a secure and flexible way. We also give you the ability to offer your end customer access to the data using APIs and authentication built-in.

Inimco’s starting point strategy is the consultancy service, helping you create a technical roadmap to support your end customers in the best possible way. Together with the remote monitoring tool and other features, we can help you leverage data in a profound way, benefiting you and your customers.

Connectivity Is Key

To get started with remote monitoring, reporting, and building services, you need connectivity. Inimco.fact’s enterprise version covers connectivity and remote monitoring while considering static and live information. As we fully integrate on the Microsoft Azure platform, we can use all services available from a data analysis perspective, and integrate with Office 365 and other solutions that Microsoft offers.

We also support the external authentication – offering data and APIs that allow you and your customers to connect to other platforms. We make sure everything is thoroughly supported, allowing you to focus on the roadmap and not just the first steps on your journey towards servitization.

Need help taking the first step towards servitization? Contact us today.