13 Jul 2020

Internet of Things

Get A 360-degree Overview Of How Your Factory Is Operating

If you ever get the nagging feeling that there are inefficiencies within your factory, you’re probably right. But if you can’t accurately measure your production data every day, how do you know how severe your bottlenecks are?

Let’s say that one of your machines is lagging on production – with longer stop times resulting in reduced quantities produced every day. The inefficiencies of these machines cost you thousands of euros every year – meaning your factory could be losing money.

Do You Know What’s Really Going On?

Concern goes all the way up to C-level. Without accurate reporting, it’s tough to know what’s really going on. Plant managers and supervisors can offer you this information; but they’d need to collect paper sheets, print off planning reports, and delve in Excel files – to create new manual reports. To make matters worse, operators don't have the time to note everything down. To summarise this data in a meaningful way, you need to be nothing short of a technical expert.

Your nagging worries about inefficiencies become increasingly justified when faced with the difficulty of analysing new and old machines with different interfaces. There’s just too much data to measure, from too many sources.

Your Machines Tell The Story

The information you need to assess accurately is everywhere. Both in Excel but also in your machines – they tell the story. You need to find a way to extract the information in an accessible way. To get a complete picture, you first need to understand that much of the information is unnecessary.

All you really need to know to get started are three critical pieces of information:

  • Production line status
  • Quantities produced
  • Production order numbers

With this data in harmony, you can instantly detect operational inefficiencies and precisely investigate how to improve them. Once you know where your bottlenecks are, you can confidently run an effective operation all the time.

Kickstart Your Factory’s Efficiency With Inimco

Our cloud-based solution, working as SaaS or in your company cloud, records this essential data - giving you the information and performance monitoring you need to run real-time reports, and, perhaps more importantly, act on data received.

This level of insight ensures your business is always operating efficiently - without the need for technical experts or manual reports. We can connect with common PLCs and industrial protocols (like OPC UA or ModBus) or help you extract get data from older machines as well.

After onboarding, performance monitoring begins: you'll have a constant overview of production lines' status, get all the elements you need to monitor how your factory runs (in line with your goals), and be able to adjust possible inefficiencies before they have a negative impact.

Finally, analysis helps. That's why you can continually record your critical data to investigate reported issues historically and compare machines, production lines and factories over time.

We understand the importance of staying one step ahead.