11 Mar 2024


The future of industrial automation: insights from Indumation 2024

The recent Indumation trade show in Kortrijk (January 31st – February 2nd) was not just a showcase of the latest in industrial automation but a convergence point for industry leaders and innovators. We were proud to be one of the standout participants at our joint booth of PA Solutions, Inimco, Ipcos, and Yazzoom. As the central demo on our booth showed, we represent a formidable ecosystem, offering comprehensive automation and digitization solutions.

This blog delves into the valuable insights gained from our interactions with visitors at the event and the evolving needs of the industry that our ecosystem is uniquely positioned to address.

Core demands: centralization and scalability

One of the primary takeaways from our conversations was the growing demand for centralization of data across disparate sources and company sites. In today's digital age, where data is as valuable as currency, the ability to consolidate information into a single, accessible platform is crucial. This not only enhances operational efficiency but also provides a holistic view of the business, enabling better decision-making. The lack of centralized data leads to decision-making that is only based on specific parts of the business, not the end-to-end processes that form the strength of manufacturing companies.

Furthermore, scalability clearly emerged as a non-negotiable requirement. Companies are no longer looking for piecemeal solutions that only address immediate needs; they want scalable platforms that can grow with their operations, spanning multiple company sites and even international borders. This calls for a shift from isolated solutions to comprehensive ecosystems that can adapt to changing business sizes and scopes. This need for scalability does not only apply to multinational companies. At Indumation, we also interacted with local companies that have small, automated sites dotted all over Belgium.

The appeal of ready-to-use platforms and artificial intelligence

The industry's inclination towards ready-to-use platforms was another key insight. Inimco's Facts solutions, along with Yanomaly by Yazzoom, stood out as prime examples of this trend. These platforms offer out-of-the-box functionality that significantly reduces the time and resources required for implementation, making them highly attractive to companies eager to jumpstart their digital transformation journeys. For example, implementing Inimco.Facts rather than custom-developing their own solution, allowed global weaving machines leader Picanol to roll out their PicConnect data portal 12 to 18 months faster.

Additionally, the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into these platforms has opened new avenues for operational efficiency. Businesses are keen on leveraging AI not just for automating routine tasks but also for predictive analytics, which can foresee issues before they arise, thus minimizing downtime and enhancing productivity. By applying AI, unpredictable failures can be prevented, as Yazzoom’s Yanomaly has shown in different customer cases.

The ecosystem advantage

The synergy that PA Solutions, Inimco, Yazzoom, and Ipcos demonstrated at Indumation, presents a compelling proposition for companies looking to navigate the complexities of modern industrial automation. This ecosystem approach offers a one-stop-shop for automating production, capturing and analyzing data, and applying AI to re(de)fine decision-making processes. It embodies the principle of single-source responsibility, simplifying the procurement and implementation process for clients. At the same time, working with our ecosystem is a guarantee against the finger-pointing that often happens when different vendors try to blame each other when a failure occurs.

Moreover, while the ecosystem provides an integrated solution, it also respects the independence of companies, offering the flexibility to work with other vendors if desired. This balance between cohesion and independence ensures that clients are not locked into a single vendor, promoting a healthy competitive environment that benefits all parties involved. This form of collaboration between the companies in the PA Solutions ecosystem provides a win-win for both the customers and the ecosystem partners.

Looking ahead: the path forward

Reflecting on the Indumation trade show, it's clear that the industrial sector is at a pivotal point in its evolution. The demand for digitization, centralized data, scalable solutions, ready-to-use platforms, and AI-driven automation is indicative of a broader shift towards more intelligent, efficient, and adaptable operations. The ecosystem comprising PA Solutions, Inimco, Yazzoom, and Ipcos is at the forefront of meeting these demands, offering a blend of expertise, technology, and vision that is unmatched in the industry. The future of industrial automation is bright and, together, we are poised to lead the charge towards a more connected, automated, and intelligent world.

Eager to find out how your company, too, can get more value out of the data in your production systems? Here’s how: visit the joint booth of Inimco and Yazzoom at the upcoming Maintenance trade show in Antwerp on March 20 and 21.