12 Sep 2023


5 reasons to visit Inimco at ABISS Summit

The ABISS Summit in Kortrijk (Kortrijk Xpo, October 5) stands as a testament to the revolutionary advancements in the realm of digital and smart industries. Among the of innovators and industry leaders present, Inimco has carved out an important presence for itself.  Here are five compelling reasons why you should make a beeline for Inimco's booth (33) at the ABISS Summit.

  1. Meet the founders

Inimco was founded in 2016 by Erik De Nert and Peter De Bruyne, and both founders will be present at ABISS. Erik and Peter are forward thinking and share a passion for delivering solutions that put customers on a fast-track to Return on Investment and allow them to start small and scale quickly. With their wealth of experience and their vision for enabling technologies, they can certainly help find an answer to your challenges.

  1. Experience the newest release of our cutting-edge solutions

Whether you are a manufacturer or a machine builder, we can put your data to work and have them deliver value. Inimco.Facts Core, Inimco Facts.Lean Manufacturing and Inimco.Facts Energy Management are solutions that rely on a solid foundation and take into account the newest developments in IoT and Azure technology. Our products offer the best of both worlds: they are cutting-edge, yet at the same time proven technologies that offer real benefits to customers. Visit our ABISS profile to check our September release, bringing even more power to our solution.

  1. See what results customers booked

OEE increase of 12% and more, development time shortened by 18 months, over 400 connected machines, transportation costs saved. These are just a couple of the results that Inimco.Facts is delivering to our customers. So come to our booth to discuss what savings you can make.

  1. Learn about our 24/7 managed services

Inimco.Facts is a powerful platform in itself, but we augment it by adding our expertise in the form of services before, during and after the implementation. You may not always have the resources to maintain your Cloud and IoT implementation, but we do. Inimco can unburden you and keep your solution in shipshape by offering managed services around the clock.

  1. An end-to-end solution

Inimco is part of PA Solutions, one of the leading independent providers of complete automation and digitalization solutions for the process and manufacturing industries. By working closely with them and their contact with different vendors, we constantly stay up to date with the latest evolutions in digitization. The solutions from PA and our sister companies such as Yazzoom (you will find them on booth 9 at ABISS) also allow us to offer our customers an end-to-end solution that collects data, analyzes them and provides you with actions based on that analysis. That’s how you get the most value out of your data.

You are most welcome on booth 33 during ABISS. You can book a meeting through our profile on the ABISS site, or just drop by. See you there!