Seamless machine status and performance reporting

IoT-based, Instant, single-glance data from your machines and production lines

  • Retrofit solution supporting new and legacy installations
  • Live portal with production line status and quantities
  • Available from any location, computer or mobile device
  • Set thresholds, alarms & notifications
  • Secure Software-as-a-Service model

What we offer

Secure and scalable

Secure and

Avoid lengthy trial-and-error projects and get started immediately with Inimco.facts.  Built on secure, scalable and proven technology from Microsoft Azure, you don’t need to be a technical expert or set up your own cloud environment – we’ve done it all for you.

Fast and easy deployment

Fast and easy deployment

The Inimco.facts-gateway is a  pre-configured device supporting common industrial protocols such as OPC UA, which you deploy in your factory and activate online. In just a few steps, you can start monitoring production performance and display on any location, computer, or mobile device.

Preconfigured dashboards

Preconfigured dashboards

No need to be a developer.  Thanks to easy customizable dashboards,  users only see the information they need - allowing them to perform quick analyses, data comparison, and take action. Machine builders can even provide limited access to their customers .

Alerting and data analysis<

Alerting and data analysis

Easily set alarm thresholds, apply a color code for visual inspection or get email notifications.
A report shows the alarm history, while you can do a detailed root-cause analysis in a cloud based data historian – where all machine data can be found and analyzed.

Inimco.facts Standard


  • Simple onboarding based on templates and clear instructions
  • Pay-as-you-go SaaS model
  • Built and runs on secure, scalable and proven technology from Microsoft Azure
  • Collect your machine data using on OPC UA, Modbus, Advantech Wise and other connectors
  • Monitoring and historical reporting on machine and production line status data and process parameters
  • Preconfigured and customizable dashboards with status information, alarm overviews and charts for data analysis
  • Set alarm thresholds, color codes for visual inspection, and e-mail notifications
  • Available from any location, runs on any computer or mobile device
  • Role-based access control with standard roles
  • Download the onepager
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Inimco.facts Enterprise

Deployed in your own cloud environment

  • Industrial IoT accelerator deployed in your own cloud environment, offering all features from Inimco.facts standard
  • Runs on top of Microsoft Azure and other industrial IoT platforms (contact us for more information)
  • Contains standard IoT Edge OT connectors for OPC UA, Modbus, LoraWan, Advantech Wise
  • Link with ERP and other business applications
  • Custom development for UI, OT connectors, use cases, application integration, …
  • Create an API abstraction layer between internal and external data sources, users, … leveraging an API economy
  • Integration with PowerBi, Time Series Insights and other data reporting applications
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Inimco.facts for Lean Manufacturing


  • cloud based shop floor managment for continuous improvement
  • paperless, intuitive and easy setup daily operation management
  • color palettes  to highlight setbacks or thresholds
  • data schemas for effective, efficient huddles
  • calendar wise events for increased team interaction
  • templates to reduce work and guard brand, model and focus
  • OneDrive & PowerBi integrations
  • Download the fourpager
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